Den & Kath's Vacation '99 - Days 8 & 9

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Sadly, on Sunday it was time to head for home. We got an early start over Logan Pass to the east side of Glacier. We were leaving the entire east side of the park unexplored, but we'll be sure to remedy that on a future trip. It was surprising how quickly you leave the mountains behind when heading east out of Glacier. You can see them for a long time in the rear view mirror, but you're immediately on the wide-open plains of Montana. The plains just seemed to stretch on forever, nothing but grasslands and rolling hills and old homesteads, which does make for some interesting pictures.

When we reached North Dakota, we hopped off the interstate to take a drive through Theodore Roosevelt National Park. This park is known as the North Dakota Badlands, but it seems much more hospitable than the South Dakota Badlands because the terrain supports some trees. We were lucky enough to see buffalo, prairie dogs, mule deer and wild horses during our short time in the park. Leaving the park, we drove on through the night across North Dakota.

And finally, as the highlight of the trip, it was time to celebrate our 1st wedding anniversary. We pulled off the interstate in Bismarck, North Dakota, and with only 1/2 hour left on the day of our anniversary, we toasted each other with sodas and sandwiches at a Denny's restaurant. It wasn't exactly the Waldorf, but the whole trip was a fine celebration of way we choose to live.

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